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Kenneth Beare

ESL December 2012 Archive


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Happy New Year for a Prosperous 2013

Thursday December 27, 2012
I'd like to wish all the visitors to the site a happy and prosperous 2013! Get the New Year started with some tips on improving your English learning or teaching skills. ... Read More

Out and About to Feast My Eyes on the Holiday Decorations

Monday December 24, 2012
The title of this blogpost contains two common idioms: 1. During this holiday period many people will be out and about visiting friends and relatives. Out and about means to be ... Read More

Keyword - Just

Saturday December 22, 2012
The just teacher has just told his class that they just need to study a little bit more to get good grades. In this sentence, just is used in three ... Read More

What's the difference between an Abbreviation and an Acronym?

Thursday December 20, 2012
An acronym is a type of abbreviation that can be pronounced as a word. For example, UNESCO is an acronym, but BBC is not. Abbreviations and acronyms are used in ... Read More

Literary Devices - Terms and Examples

Monday December 17, 2012
Advanced English learners - especially those interested in using English in academic settings - need to be able to discuss and use a wide range of literary devices. To help ... Read More

Helping Beginning Level Students Use Pronouns

Thursday December 13, 2012
The use of subject, object, possessive and demonstrative pronouns - not to mention possessive adjectives - can be confusing for the best of students. One of the problems is that ... Read More

Getting Vocabulary Right: Challenge to Teaching Business English

Monday December 10, 2012
One of the challenges to teaching business English for teachers is finding out which vocabulary is most important for students. These core vocabulary lists provide collections of key vocabulary and ... Read More

Improving English Skills through Reading

Thursday December 6, 2012
Reading in English can help improve English skills well beyond just the ability to read. For example, you can use reading as the source for learning new vocabulary or read ... Read More

Christmas Resources

Monday December 3, 2012
It's December and for many that means the Christmas season has arrived. Get your class singing early with these classic Christmas carols. Each carol has the first verse and difficult ... Read More

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