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Tenses Quiz

Use this quiz to test your knowledge of English tense usage. Answer the question and then use the box to see the correct answer.

Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

Example: Peter sometimes___ (visit) his grandmother on Sundays.
1) When Susan telephoned, Peter _____ (cook) dinner.
2) If he spent less money, he _____(have) less difficulty with the rent.
3) They need to finish their work because they _____(fly) to Los Angeles next Thursday.
4) Where will you go when he _______(arrive)?
5) _____(he/telephone) his mother last week?
6) I can't hear the teacher. What _____(we/have to) do?
7) Fred: I'm starving! Joe: Just a moment, I _____(make) you a sandwich.
8) By the time her mother arrives, she _____(finished) her homework.
9) Tom Robbins is the most amusing author I _____(ever/read).
10) He _____(study) for 4 hours, and he still hasn't finished the first chapter.
11) That building _____(construct) in 1923.
12) She would have come if she _____(have) enough money.
13) Watch out! You _____(cross) the street when the light is red.
14) Dinner _____ (already/prepare) when I arrived.
15) Mary _____(work) for three hours when her friend Katherine telephoned.

This test is designed to be a measure of your knowledge of most English tenses. It is difficult and you shouldn't be discouraged if you don't do well.

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