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Kenneth Beare

    Beginning English

    This free beginning course includes 8 lessons:

    Unit 1 - Building Blocks: Basics, ABC's, Numbers
    Unit 2 - Family, Time, Prices and the IPA
    Unit 3 - Simple Present, Countable and Uncountable, This, That, These and Those, Some and Any
    Unit 4 - Present Progressive, Adjectives, Prepositions Listening Exercises
    Unit 5 - Past Forms, 'A' 'An' and 'The', Listening Comprehension
    Unit 6 - Usage of 'in' / 'at' / 'on' , Adverbs
    Unit 7 - Future with Will, The Weather, Listening Comprehension
    Unit 8 - Review, Ordering Food in a Restaurant

    You will receive an e-mail each week. Each lesson contains an introduction and links to learning materials on the site. The course makes for an excellent introduction to the basics of English. It can be used for self-study or also as review for your beginning students outside class.

    Para los estudiantes que hablan español

    Curso Básico de Inglés para Hablantes de Español incluido el seguimiento de pruebas de comprensión - 25 lecciones con explicaciones gramaticales en español. Curso Básico de Inglés

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