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Kenneth Beare

    Teaching ESL / EFL

    This course introduces and discusses the most important aspects of teaching including teaching speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills as well as how to assess student needs, develop a syllabus, hints and tricks for a more enjoyable teaching environment and a large number of ready to go lesson plans. The course is ideal for new teachers, volunteer teachers and those who are thinking about entering the profession as well as teachers who are looking for new teaching ideas, lesson plans and activities.

    Each week you will receive an e-mail with an introduction and directions to study sheets and quizzes. Here is an outline of the course:

    1. Introduction to ESL / EFL: Basic Theory, Employment and Getting Qualified
    2. A Variety of Teaching Techniques
    3. Teaching Skills: Grammar
    4. Teaching Skills: Writing
    5. Teaching Skills: Listening
    6. Teaching Beginners
    7. Assessing Student Needs / Creating Your Own Courses
    8. Helpful Teaching Tools, Hints and Activities

    You will receive a lesson each week with instructions and links to explanatory materials as well as ready to go lesson plans for your classes.

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