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SMS, Chatroom and E-Mail Acronym Definitions


The SMS, chatroom or e-mail acronym is listed on the right. The literal translation is in the center column and an explanation, if necessary, is on the right.

#1 // number one! // The best person

1 4 THE ROAD // one for the road // A drink before you go

10Q // Thank You

1DAY // One day // At some time in the future

1ON1 // One on one // In person

2 // To/Two/Too

2bctnd // To be continued // We'll talk about it later

2d4 // To die for // To like / love something very much

2DAY // Today

2g4u // Too good for you // The person is not a good match for you romantically, usually used as an insult

2Ht2Hndl // Too hot to handle // Very sexy, attractive

2l8 // Too late // The time is too late, missed opportunity

2MORO // Tomorrow

2NITE // Tonight

2WIMC // To whom it may concern // Formal greeting

3sum // Threesome // Three people together

4 // For

4e // Forever

4gv // Forgive // Forgive someone

4gvn // Forgiven // Usually used when someone forgives you for something you have done

4yeo // For your eyes only // Only for you to read

7K // Sick // Not feeling well OR something that is very strange

8 // Ate // Past tense of the verb 'to eat'

911 // Emergency, call me // Someone needs you to call them about something that is important

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