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SMS, Chatroom and E-Mail Acronym Definitions


The SMS, chatroom or e-mail acronym is listed on the right. The literal translation is in the center column and an explanation, if necessary, is on the right.

AFAIK // As Far As I Know // Something you know based on something you have heard before

ALWZ // Always

ASAP // As Soon As Possible // Immediately

ASL // Age, Sex, Location // Questioning how old a person is, what sex he / she is, and where the person is

ATB // All the best // A way of saying goodbye

ATK // At The Keyboard // At the keyboard of a computer

ATM // At The Moment // Now

B // Be

B4 // Before

B4N // Bye For Now // A way of saying goodbye

BAK // Back at keyboard // Returned to the computer

BBL // Be Back Later // I will return later

BBS // Be Back Soon // I will return soon

BCNU // Be seeing you // A way of saying goodbye

BF // Boyfriend // A boy a girl is seeing romantically

BFN/B4N // Bye for now // A way of saying goodbye

BFz4evr // Best friends forever // A promise to be best friends

BHL8 // Be home late // I will be home late tonight

BIL // Boss is listening // An employer is listening to you speaking on the telephone

BM Val // Be my valentine // Be my girlfriend or boyfriend

BN // Been

BOL // Best of luck // Wishing someone success on something that he / she is going to do

BRB // Be Right Back // I will return very soon

BRT // Be Right There // I will come to where you are

BTW // By The Way // A way of mentioning a new subject

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