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English Review Grammar Guide

Choose the correct response and enter it into the answer box. Click on "Check" to check your response. If you have answered correctly you will see "Good job, that's correct!" appear on the "Correction" button. If your answer is incorrect, you will see "Sorry, click here to review this grammar" appear on the "Correction" button. Click on this button to open a new window in which you can review the grammar concept related to the question. When you have finished reviewing return to this window to continue the review.

You can also first answer all the questions and then check each clicking on the grammar review pages that interest you.

  1. The children in that class ____ nine years old.

    is have are has

  2. How ____ you go to work?

    do does are is

  3. ________ people live in your city?

    How more How many How much Where

  4. He doesn't have ______ money.

    many some a lot any

  5. _____________ to go to a film tonight?

    Would you like Do you like Like you Are you want

  6. We have our English lesson ____ Tuesday.

    at in on to

  7. Let's meet ____ four o'clock.

    in on at to

  8. He is married. The name of _____ wife is Maria.

    he him her his

  9. They live in ______ apartment in Seattle.

    a the an one

  10. Yes, I would like ________ chocolates over there.

    theses this those that

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