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Prepositions of Place and Direction

Look at this plan of the ground floor of a skyscraper:

Here are a number of preposition combinations that can be used to describe the floor plan:

Site Plan

Prepositions of Position
at the back of
at the bottom of
at the top of
in the corner of
in the middle of
next to
to the left of
on the other side of
to the right of
on the side of
on top of

Example Sentences

There is a large garden in the middle of the skyscraper.

The smallest room is located to the left of the internal garden.

The entrance to room number three is opposite the entrance to room number two.

Prepositions of Direction

Here are a number of preposition that can be used to show direction and movement around the floor plan:

out of

Example Sentences

Walk through the exit of room two and enter into building number three.

Walk across the indoor garden to reach room number five.

Walk past the side entrance to reach the main entrance.

Study other prepositions:

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