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ESL Inductive Learning and Grammar Review Maze: Advanced Questions

Esl learning Maze for beginning, intermediate, Tefl, Toefl, Advanced, Young, English Learners

This learning game helps students to inductively review previously studied grammar.

Advanced Questions
IN Sentence: Despite the worsening weather, he decided to try the climb.
  1. It took me a long time to be used to getting up early.
  2. I'm sorry you have made a mistake!
  3. He'd better to go home soon, it's getting late!
  4. I can't imagine to live in Alaska. It must be wonderful.
  5. If you think the ring is too much expensive, don't buy it
  6. I'm sorry you have made a mistake!
  7. By the time you receive this letter, I will have left home.
  8. The government would build housing if it wants to help the poor.
  9. I'm sorry you have made a mistake!
  10. Although he wanted to begin anew, he decided to remain in the same job.
  11. Jack's inability to confront his mother caused him great pain.
  12. Not only does Peter wish to come, but he also plans on doing so soon.
  13. He accepted the responsibility, despite his not having understood the implications.
  14. I would really appreciate you coming on time.

Introduction to Maze






Key path

Would you like to print this lesson out for your class? Here is a Printable Version of the three exercises.

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