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Idiom Quiz for ESL Learners - 1

Try this challenging common English idioms matching quiz alone or with other students. Match column A with column B to find the idiom. Next, match the idioms (columns A and B) with the definition in column C. Make sure to write your answers down and then click on the answer page to see how you have done.

Good luck!

get swing completely, thoroughly
every airs everyone without discrimination, ordinary people
in full the runaround well underway, in progress
keep a mountain out of a molehill not laugh, even though you find something amusing
put on Tom, Dick, and Harry act superior
in the long as a bee situation in which people act ruthlessly in order to be successful
be with eat dog to be very busy or occupied
make a someone's fancy eventually
dog it to interest someone
at the drop of to bottom make something minor into a major issue
tickle straight face be up-to-date
as busy run to receive the poorest share or position
from top a hat immediately

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