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Future Tenses Review Quiz 1

This quiz reviews future forms including:

Future simple - Used for predictions, spontaneous reactions and promises
Future with 'going to' - Used for plans events and things you see are about to occur
Future perfect - Used for what will have been completed by a future moment in time
Future continuous - Used for what will be happening at a specific moment in time in the future
Present continuous for the future - Used for scheduled events in the future

Choose the correct future form in brackets and type it into the box. Click on the button to check your answer.

1. Peter (is / is going to be) fifty next Friday.

2. Oh no! I've broken the vase. What (am I going to say / will I say)?

3. Jack (is having / will have) a dinner party next Saturday.

4. By the time you arrive, I'll (have been / be) working for two hours.

5. John hasn't eaten. - Don't worry (I will make / I am going to make) him a sandwich.

6. We'll go out for dinner when he (gets in / will get in).

7. Unless he arrives soon, we (will not go/ are not going) to the party.

8. (I will be studying / I will have studied) at 9 tomorrow evening.

9. (We will have finished / We will finish) by 9 o'clock.

10. Look at those clouds! It (is going to rain / will rain)!

Teachers: Printable version of this Future Tenses Review Quiz for in-class use

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