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Put each of the following words or phrases in the correct gap.

birth, child, preschool, kindergarten, bottle, stroller, diapers, pacifier, crawl, parents, maternity ward, labor, gynaecologist, godparents, pampers, relatives

The of a is a happy event. Of course, having children brings many challenges and rewards to the . After many visits to the the big day arrives. Parents usually rush to the , often with some coming along to help. The soon-to-be mother goes into , which can last for a very long time - or go rather quickly.

The fun has just begun! Many parents choose from among their family or friends. These however, don't usually have to do some of the more difficult tasks. For the first few years changing the can be a challenge - even though the use of has made that task easier. A baby will often cry until the or is firmly in its mouth. One of the most important things to buy is the , which allows parents to continue to go about daily tasks. Soon the child begins to , and , before you know it, the child is walking! After a few years, parents begin to think about school. Before grade school begins, children sometimes first go to , but usually go to before their first day in "real" school.

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