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Color Idioms

Put each of the following colors in the correct gap. Some colors are used more than once.

red, black, green, white, blue, yellow

Visit the definitions page for meanings.

  1. Many people feared that the new millennium would cause outs because of problems with electricity production.
  2. What a beautiful car! I'm with envy.
  3. Don't rely on him under pressure in battle. He's
  4. There is so much tape that needs to be completed before adopting a baby.
  5. Jack Thomas was put on Hollywood's list during the McArthy era.
  6. She was such a difficult child that her family always treated her like a sheep.
  7. Mr. Jackson is very important to the success of this program. Make sure to roll out the carpet when he arrives.
  8. We're looking for a new home in the belt.
  9. It's not quite as and as you think.
  10. Try to cheer Susan up. She is feeling rather these days.
  11. I had to tell a lie in order to get accepted into the program.
  12. Jack gave me the light on the project.
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