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Human Sounds

Put each of the following words or phrases in the correct gap.

cough, yawn, scream, laugh, sigh, sniff, whisper, sneer, hiccup, whisper, cough, sneeze, pant, puff, whistle, sigh, groan, hum, shout, snore

The following sentences are in various tenses. Make sure to conjugate the above verbs when answering.

During the lecture, he quietly to his friends.

When someone , people usually say "Bless you.".

He was really tired and continued to all through the movie.

She "I'm coming" from upstairs.

Many people get colds and during the winter.

He an arrogant reply to her question.

When I'm happy I like to a song.

Some people when they are bored.

He couldn't stop at that joke.

I ran to catch the bus and by the time I finally got on.

The boy when his mother asked him to clean his room.

I've got a runny nose and can't stop .

Some people recommend drinking a glass of water upside down to stop .

My wife says I when I sleep.

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