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Idioms - Personal Feelings and Opinions #2

Put each of the following, remembering to conjugate, in the correct gap.

can't bear, be out on a limb, get me down, be over my head, draw a blank, keep my fingers crossed, be at odds with, be tongue-tied, be crazy about, fall head over heels

Visit the definitions page for meanings.

  1. I think I in love with Mary.
  2. I hate the end of the semester. I the thought of having to take all those examinations.
  3. Jack just doesn't know what to say. He .
  4. I'm afraid I failed the test. It was so difficult that it .
  5. Could you give me some time to answer that question? I'm afraid I .
  6. I will risk anything for Tom. In fact, I for him a number of times.
  7. Mark and Jessica don't agree about anything. They each other.
  8. I about getting the scholarship to attend university.
  9. Winter is so gray and dull. It really .
  10. He really wants to buy that new Citroen. He it!
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