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Places - Rooms - Where To Look For People

Match the person to the rooms you would most likely find them in, two rooms are not used. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly.

  • some toddlers
  • an actor
  • a prisoner
  • a novelist
  • a trader
  • a chef
  • some off-duty soldiers
  • a secretary
  • a deliveryman picking up packages
  • some teachers
  • a doctor's patients before their appointments
  • a football player after a game
  • some factory workers at lunchtime
  • a gardener
  • a carpenter
  • a photographer developing photos
  • a corpse
  • a swimmer after her swim
  • a surgeon
  • some sailors
  • a pilot in mid-flight
  1. a study
  2. a mortary, morgue
  3. a stock-exchange floor
  4. a playroom or nursery
  5. an office
  6. a stage
  7. a surgery
  8. a saloon
  9. a warehouse
  10. a closet
  11. a cell
  12. a kitchen
  13. a waiting room
  14. a mess
  15. a shed or greenhouse
  16. a locker room
  17. a work
  18. a staffroom
  19. a barn
  20. a cabin
  21. a cockpit
  22. a darkroom
  23. a cafeteria

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