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Intermediate Level Practice Test

The following is a practice test for intermediate levels testing tense usage and vocabulary accuracy. Feel free to use this test in class and/or share with your friends and colleagues.


Example: John always (get up) gets up late on Sunday.

1. I'm new to this job. What exactly (I/have to) do?


While I (wait) for my train this morning (meet) an old school friend.


(I/fly) for the first time last year when I went to Brazil.

4. Next week we are leaving on our honeymoon. As soon as

(we/arrive) at our hotel in Paris (we/order) some champagne to celebrate.

5. If he comes to the concert

it (be) the first time he has heard James Brown live.

6. I've got the tickets. Next week

(we/go) to the theatre.


Mr. Jones (be) our managing director since 1985.

8. It was the most frightening film


9. You seem worried.

What (you/think) about?

10. I

(study) English for three years now.


EXAMPLE: I've got a house in the mountains
a. at b. on c. in

1. When you see Jason can you

him that I have a book for him, please?
a. say b. tell c. explain

2. What was Laura

at the party?
a. putting on b. wearing c. dressing

3. I'm extremely

learning about computers I think they are important for work.
a. interested in b. interesting in c. interested for

4. Would you like a coffee? No thanks, I've

had one.
a. yet b. already c. again

5. I must fill in this form. Could you

me your pen please?

a. borrow b. lend c. let

6. My greatest desire...? Well I would love

the world cup final.
a. seeing see c. to see

7. I've lived in Leghorn

4 years.
a. from b. for c. since

8. When you were young did you

climb trees?
a. use to b. used to c. use

9. This is the

section of the exam.
a. easiest b. most easy c. easier

10. It's a beautiful scooter but I can't afford to buy it. It's

a. much b. enough c. too
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