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Halloween Special

Part III: Halloween Vocabulary

Part 1: Matching Beasties
Part 2: Halloween Traditions
Part 4: "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe - Reading Comprehension

Study the following vocabulary related to Halloween and then take the quiz below.

  • Bobbing for apples

    Noun (game) - This is a traditional Halloween game. You put apples in a barrel of water and people try to take the floating apples out of the water using only their mouths.

  • Cackling

    Adjective - An evil, wild, otherworldly laughing sound

  • Carve

    Verb - (regular: carve - carved - carved) to cut with a knive, in the context of a pumpkin to cut a face into the pumpkin.

  • Evil

    Very bad behaviour with cruel intent.

  • Haunted

    Location containing evil spirits or ghosts, usually a house or castle.

  • Ghost

    Noun - the spirit of a dead person which appears again. Ghosts at Halloween are usually dressed in white sheets.

  • Hideous

    Adjective - Something so ugly you cannot look at it.

  • Horrified

    Adjective - very frightened, afraid or scared.

  • Jack-o-lantern

    Noun - A carved pumpkin usually with a candle burning inside to illuminate the pumpkin.

  • Pumpkin

    Noun - A large, orange vegetable in the squash family associated with Halloween.

  • Skeleton

    Noun - The bone structre of a body without the flesh.

  • "Trick or Treat"

    Saying - Used by children when going from house to house asking for candy. The phrase also means that if you don't give me a treat I will play a trick on you!

  • Wicked

    Adjective - the same as evil.

  • Witch

    Noun - A woman with magic powers (usually evil).

Choose the correct word from the list above to complete the senetence. Click on the arrow to check your answer.

  • The made a horrible laugh before she flew off on her broom.
  • Let's go buy a and a funny face on it.
  • Don't be afraid of that . After all, it's just made of bones and can't hurt you!
  • Tom won the award for the best carved at the school Halloween fair.
  • If I hear one more child say tonight I think I'll go crazy!
  • Take of that mask! I can't stand to look at you, it's so repelling!
  • Not all monsters are . Some are just misunderstood by the local population - think of Frankenstein.
  • I was by that horror film on TV last night. I know it was a Halloween film, but there was just too much blood and violence for me.
  • I dare you to open the door and go into that house up on the hill!
  • I have to go change my costume. I got all wet .

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