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Collocation Examples For English Learners
What is a Collocation? A collocation is made up of two or more words that are commonly used together in English. Thnk of collocations as words that usually go  ...
What Is Collocation? - Definition in ESL Usage
Collocations can be concerned as words that co - locate - in other words they stay together. This introduction to collocations provides basics on collocation use  ...
Emphatic Expressions - Strong Collocations
A guide to strong collocating emphatic expressions used in formal written and spoken English for English learners and ESL classes.
Collocation: Definition and Examples of Collocations in English
"Collocations and clichés are strings of words that are remembered as wholes and often used together, such as gone with the wind or like two peas in a pod.
Common Adjective Collocations for ESL Learners
A collocation is a word pair, in this case adjective and noun, that always goes together. There are no specific rules for these collocations, however, it is important ...
Nouns Used with Take, Have, Break, Catch
Collocations with the verbs take, have, break, pay, keep, save, find and more for English learners at an intermediate level.
Collocation Examples - Collocations with Equipment
Collocations used with the noun equipment including an example sentence for each strong collocation pair.
Banking Vocabulary Collocations Quiz - English as 2nd Language
Banking Vocabulary Collocations Quiz, building vocabulary for Business English ESL EFL learners.
Collocation - Definition of Collocation - English as 2nd Language
Definition of collocation with example collocations and sentences to provide context.
Advanced Level Collocations - for English Learners
Collocations are key to improving vocabulary skills at an advanced level. Collocations are words that generally go together level. These collocation resources ...
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