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Prepositional Phrase Quiz - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Teachers: Printable version of this Prepositional Phrases Quiz for in-class use. Prepositional phrases refers to words combined followed by prepositions.
English Prepositional Phrases Quiz - English as 2nd Language
Prepositional phrase quiz testing common expressions with prepositions followed by nouns for English learners with corrections. >
Printable Prepositional Phrases Quiz - English as 2nd Language
This printable quiz tests and expands students' prepositional phrase vocabulary. The ideal level for this quiz is intermediate to advanced.
examples of prepositional phrases in English grammar
Prepositional phrases can modify nouns, verbs, phrases, and complete clauses. As demonstrated by several of the examples below, prepositional phrases can ...
What Are Prepositional Phrases in Grammar?
Acting like adjectives and adverbs, prepositional phrases add meaning to the nouns and verbs in a sentence.
Exercise in Identifying Prepositional Phrases
This exercise will give you practice in identifying the prepositional phrases in 20 famous movie quotations.
Practice in Identifying Prepositional Phrases - Grammar & Composition
This exercise, adapted from a paragraph by novelist John Steinbeck, will give you practice in recognizing prepositional phrases.
Prepositional Phrases - Learn Spanish Language Grammar
Learn how prepositional phrases are used in Spanish.
Prepositional Phrases Sentence Building Exercise
By combining and rearranging prepositional phrases in this exercise, you will continue to apply the basic strategies outlined in Introduction to Sentence ...
Expanding Sentences With Prepositional Phrases
This exercise will give you practice in adding and arranging prepositional phrases in sentences.
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