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Common Prepositions for ELS/EFL Students - About.com
The following list contains the key English prepositions for English language learners. There are more than 150 English prepositions in English. However, this  ...
Prepositional Phrase Quiz - About.com
Prepositional phrase quiz for learners of English testing word combinations with prepositions. >
In At and On - Prepositions of Place - About.com
This guide to the prepositions "in", "at" and "on" used as prepositions of place provides basic rules for beginning level English learners and classes.
French Prepositions - Les Prépositions
Learn everything there is to know about French prepositions.
Definition and Examples of Prepositional Phrases
A prepositional phrase in English grammar is a group of words made up of a preposition, its object, and any of the object's modifiers.
French Prepositions - Learn French at About - French Language
French for beginners: an introduction to French prepositions.
Italian Prepositions - Preposizioni in Italiano - Italian Language
The example illustrates the funzione subordinante (subordinate function) of prepositions that introduce a "complement" of the verb, either of the noun or the ...
Preposition - Definition and Examples - Grammar and Composition
The combination of a preposition and a noun phrase is called a prepositional phrase. A word group (such as in front of or on top of) that functions like a simple,  ...
Prepositions - An English Grammar - W. M. Baskervill
PREPOSITIONS. 305. The word preposition implies place before: hence it would seem that a preposition is always before its object. It may be so in the majority ...
French Prepositions - Lessons on French Prepositions
There are many French prepositions and it is important to recognize and know when and when not to use them. These lessons include specific information about ...
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