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Vocabulary Quizzes - English as 2nd Language - About.com
Quiz Repository at esl.about.com covering a number of areas.
TOEFL Vocabulary Quiz - English as 2nd Language - About.com
This TOEFL vocabulary quiz focuses on the type of English vocabulary at a level generally found on the TOEFL test with follow-up corrections.
Financial Terminology Quiz - English as 2nd Language - About.com
This financial terminology quiz focuses on common expressions used when ... financial terminology, use this banking and financial industry key vocabulary list.
Thanksgiving English-German Vocabulary Quiz - German Language
A self-scoring word exercise for German Thanksgiving vocabulary. ... This self- scoring, 20-item quiz relates to our feature called Erntedankfest: Thanksgiving in  ...
Vocabulary Quizzes - Vocabulary Tests Based on Readings
Designed for students in middle school and high school, these multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes will test your familiarity with the words used by major British ...
German Vocabulary Games - German Language - About.com
German vocabulary games, puzzles and quizzes for students of German - Wortschatz - Vocabulary.
Advanced Level English Vocabulary Quizzes
These advanced level vocabulary quizzes provide challenging vocabulary learning which will stretch advanced level English learners. They include idiomatic ...
Vocabulary Quizzes - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
These quizzes are designed to help you build a college level vocabulary. Each quiz has ten questions. You may repeat the tests to improve your score.
Vocabulary Quiz: Defining Words With Context Clues
This vocabulary quiz is based on selections from our Scrapbook of Styles. The quiz will help you build your vocabulary by using context clues to determine the ...
Intermediate Level English Vocabulary Quizzes
These vocabulary quizzes focus on a number of important English vocabulary learning issues for English learners including important collocations, verb pairs ...
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