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05/28/01-English Dialogues: Beginner's Dialogues
One of the main advantages to using dialogues is that students are given a rubric as a basis on which they can then build. Dialogues can be used in many ways in a classroom. This feature includes a number of dialogues for beginning level learners.

05/14/01-Software Review: English+ for Kids
CD-ROM specifically designed for young English learners from ages five to nine. The program leads young learners through a series of playful exercises that provide specific learning targets for young ESL / EFL learners.

04/24/01-Quick! Help!: Short Activities for the ESL / EFL Teacher
This feature serves as an introduction to a new section on this site dedicated to short, helpful activities to be used in those situations when you could use a good idea to help get the class started, or fill those inevitable gaps.

04/11/01-Review: Tertiary English Study Skills Program
The Tertiary English Study Skills Program helps non-native English speaking students who are planning on attending university in an English speaking country acquire the study skills they will need to be successful at university.

03/23/01-Bushisms - US President Proves How Difficult English Really Is!
English is difficult! English is so difficult that even the current President of The United States has some difficulty using it correctly. Here are some of memorable quotes of President George W. Bush. Unfortunately, President Bush seems to have some basic English usage problems.

03/09/01-English Learning Myths and Ideas - Interactive Quiz
Take this quiz and choose one of the four responses which best corresponds to how you feel about learning English. After you answer each question, click on the 'get answer' button, and you will receive a response concerning that question, as well as some helpful advice for you to think about when learning English.

02/21/01-Teaching Beginners
Most ESL / EFL teachers agree that there are two types of beginning students: Absolute Beginners and False Beginners. This feature focuses on both types of beginners and includes a discussion of what to expect, as well as giving helpful hints on teaching both types of beginners.

02/06/01-Gap Fill Review Quiz: Our Vacation in Greece
Read this letter about a vacation spent in Greece and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb or missing word. Most of the verbs are in a past tense as the letter speaks about vacation experiences in the past.

01/27/01-Review: American Accent Training
American Accent Training by Ann Cook and published by Barron's provides a self study course that is sure to improve any advanced level student's pronunciation. This package is especially interesting to non-native English speakers living in the USA or Canada.

01/12/01-English Tenses Timeline
This timeline tenses chart provides a handy visual reference sheet to English tenses and their relationship to the past, present and future. Included you will find active, passive, simple and continuous forms positioned according to their occurrence in time.

12/28/00-English Learning Tips and Ideas for the Coming New Year
Making New Year Resolutions is a common tradition at the end of the year. Here are a number of great tips to help you improve your English learning or teaching in the coming New Year. Choose a few tips for your own English New Year's Resolution.

12/06/00-Classic Christmas Carols
Each carol has the first verse and the difficult words defined at the end of the song so that you or your classes can understand each song. There is also a link at the end of each page to a printable sheet so that you can print the Carol out for use at home and in class.

11/30/00-Young Learner's ESL EFL Songs
This feature contains the texts to a number of young learner's songs focusing on building various basic language skills. While these songs may be used for pre-schoolers in a native English speaking environment, they are very useful for helping older students learn English as their second language.

11/09/00-Thanksgiving Special
This holiday feature includes a reading comprehension with difficult vocabulary explanations about the history of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving followed by a multiple choice comprehension quiz.

11/02/00-Grammar Terminology
This feature presents an extract with a follow-up guide giving examples of the most important grammar terminology. By quickly reviewing this reference sheet, you can quickly brush-up your or your class' understanding of key grammar terminology, while at the same time reviewing some basic grammar concepts.

10/16/00-Halloween Special
Improve you or your class' understanding of Halloween with this special Halloween feature including: Vocabulary Quizzes, Halloween Traditions, and "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe with special vocabulary section.

10/05/00-English Pronunciation Practice
Good pronunciation depends on the ability to accent the correct words and successfully use intonation to make sure you are understood. This feature includes exercises to help you improve your pronunciation through the correct use of word stress.

09/20/00-Telephone English
Learning how to communicate well on the telephone is one of the top priorities for many students who need to use English at work. This feature includes a number of ingredients to improve telephoning skills. Included you will find specific telephoning phrases, telephoning techniques to improve confidence when telephoning and telephoning practice exercises for use with your colleagues or in the classroom.

09/06/00-Tense Review for Advanced Levels
Time for school to start. Before you or your students get down to studying the specifics of various grammar structures, it is a good idea to review the basic English tenses. If you are an upper level student but not yet aware of all the tenses, these exercises will make a good introduction to some of the important structures ahead.

08/02/00-Using the Internet to teach English for Special Purposes (ESP)
One of the problems that faces many English as Second Language (read ESP, ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESOL, TOEFL etc.) teachers is that students expect the teacher to be incredibly knowledgeable about everything! By using the methods in the example lesson - actually you will probably need at least two lessons - you can give your students "real world" English for their specific ESP needs.

07/20/00-Vocabulary Themes
The first of a growing vocabulary resource which takes a specific word group and develops it by starting at the beginner level, going through the intermediate level and, finally, to the advanced level. Each word is defined, put into context, and then followed by a pronunciation example sound file and follow-up quiz.

07/06/00-Get the Most for Your Level
Here at About, the ESL (English as a Second Language) resources have grown tremendously over the past year. This feature introduces areas that have been conveniently divided into appropriate materials for each level. Each level contains: grammar, listening, vocabulary, lesson plans, reading, writing, and reference pages.

06/21/00-Guide to Teaching English Basics for Non - Professionals - 2
Learn the basics to creating an effective learning experience for your classes or private students. This feature focuses on building a program for your class or private students based on language recycling, a technique that assures long-term communicative success. Use these guidelines to help you decide what should be taught and how to teach particular linguistic functions.

06/07/00-Guide to Teaching English (ESL, EFL, TEFL) for Non - Professionals
Speaking English as your mother tongue does not a ESL or EFL (English as second language / English as foreign language) teacher make! This guide is provided for those of you who would like to know some of the basics of teaching English to non-native speakers of English. These basic techniques are useful when teaching friends, at a charity, on a volunteer basis, as a part-time job, as a hobby, etc.

05/24/00-Whole Brain Learning
Tips, Tricks, Activities and Tools for the ESL EFL classroom - or any classroom - using "whole brain" techniques used in Suggestopedia, NLP, to help learners use their whole brain in an engaging and effective long term language learning experience.

05/10/00-PEAK English: Online Course Review
PEAK English is an excellent and reasonably priced online English course which not only provides high quality online instruction, but also gives teachers - ANY teacher - the chance to develop and deliver their own online course.

04/25/00-NTC's ESL Reference Materials Review
This review takes a look at reference materials, guides and dictionaries designed with the special needs of nonnative speakers (English as a second language) in mind. These guides have all been written/edited by lexicographer Richard A. Spears Ph.D and are published by the NTC Contemporary Publishing Group.

04/08/00-Beginner's Basics
"Beginner's Basics" has been provided to help beginning students learn English. The English and exercises used are very simple so that you or your ESL/EFL students can easily understand the information presented.

03/22/00-Accent Listening Gallery
Listening quizzes using the unique structure of About.com that gives students and teachers of English access to an extremely wide variety of accents.

03/08/00-Choosing Props for the ESL/EFL classroom
The use of various "props" in the classroom can really liven things up and help students improve their long term learning.

02/23/00-Test Taking Strategies
Taking a test is not only about knowing English. Here is some sound advice on how to do well.

01/24/00-Principled Eclecticism
The art of picking and choosing your approach based on a student needs analysis. Includes an analysis of two example classes.

01/07/00-Setting ESL Objectives
Knowing exactly what you want is half the battle and can dramatically improve your learning curve.

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