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Mobile English Learning Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android

Reviews and pointers to English learning apps for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Apps include grammar study, learning phonetics, children's English learning, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS study, as well as flash cards and vocabulary improvement.

Cambridge English Online
Cambridge English Online Ltd. creates a wide range of innovative apps taking advantage of touch interfaces. Apps include fun games for ABC learning for children, phonetic study apps to help out with pronunciation, children's songs and stories as well as other English learning apps.

Cambridge English Online iPhone and iPad Apps
Review of a variety of iPhone and iPad apps by Cambridge English online focusing on learning English sounds and phonetics, as well as having fun for children and adults.

English Learning Apps from Red River Press
Review to English apps for the iPhone and iPad from Red River Press including English-at-Work, Travel English and Conversation English.

ESLai uses a unique proprietary artificial intelligence engine to drive conversations about specific topics. Currently, there are two practice apps for beginners on the site that practice ordering a pizza and going on a picnic. English learners reply in natural language and the conversation can take many different paths, but it always moves towards completing the task of the chat conversation.

PowerVocab uses artificial intelligence to help learners improve their English vocabulary skills. The app focuses on improving vocabulary for competitive exams such as the GRE, GMAT or SAT, so it's mostly directed towards native speakers of English. As such, it's perfect for advanced English language learners working hard to expand their vocabulary.

Red River Press Apps
Red River Press runs the very popular ESL Library, as well as providing a number of great apps focusing on English for specific usage situations including English at Work, Travel English and Conversation English, they also have an app using articles from the New York Times to learn and an apps for kids.

SMS Texting
It's the new language going round the Earth - Texting. What is it? Well, it's those acronyms such as 'URT1' (Translation: You are the one) which young people (and some old) are using when sending SMS messages, speaking in chat rooms or sending e-mail. Here is a resource for English learners that provides a definition and an explanation in simple English.

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