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Past Unreal Conditional Form Worksheets

Review and Exercises


Here is a quick review of the third, or past unreal conditional form. In general, the third conditional is used to imagine past situations results that would have been different if something else had been changed.

Teachers can use this guide on how to teach conditionals, as well as this conditional forms lesson plan to introduce and practice the first and second conditional forms in class.

Third / Past Unreal Conditional

If + Subject + Past Perfect (positive or negative) + Objects, Subject + Conditional Perfect (would have done, positive or negative) + Objects


If he had finished the work on time, we would have played a round of golf yesterday afternoon.
If the meeting had been successful, we would have become partners with Smith and Co.

The 'if' clause can also be placed at the end of the sentence. In this case, no comma is required.


They would have been very happy if he had passed the exam.
Jane would have married Tom if he had asked her.

Third Unreal Conditional with 'Wish'

'Wish' can also be used with the past perfect to express a desired, unreal result in the past.

Subject + Wish + Subject + Past Perfect (positive or negative) + Objects


I wish I had had more time to study when I was young.
She wishes he had been promoted to CEO.

Conditional 3 Worksheet 1

Conjugate the verb in parentheses in the correct tense used in the third conditional.

  1. If they _____ (have) the time, they would have attended the meeting.
  2. Jason _____ (recognize) the winner if he had been told.
  3. If I _____ (know) his name, I would have said hello.
  4. If the president had been informed in time, he _____ (make) a different decision.
  5. If Mary _____ (try) again, she would have been successful.
  6. The children wouldn't have been so upset if they _____ (be give - use passive voice) the candy.
  7. If Jerry _____ (spend) more money on the repair work, it would have worked well.
  8. We _____ (believe) them if they had told us the story.
  9. She would have finished the report on time if she _____ (know) all the facts.
  10. If we _____ (not buy) that car, we wouldn't have gone on vacation.

Conditional 3 Worksheet 2

Conjugate the verb in parentheses in the correct tense used in the third conditional, or sentence with 'wish'.

  1. She _____ (wish) she had known about the problems.
  2. If they _____ (ask) the right questions, they _____ (receive) the right answers.
  3. She wouldn't have been allowed to speak if she _____ (disagree) with his point of view.
  4. I _____ (wish) they had thought twice before doing that.
  5. We wish we _____ (know) about those people.
  6. Alice _____ (not speak) to him if she had been asked ahead of time.
  7. They wouldn't have thought twice about dinner if they _____ (ask) to help out with preparation.
  8. She wishes she _____ (apply) for the bank position.
  9. If I _____ (invest) in Apple, I would have become a millionaire!
  10. Oliver _____ (not know) the answer if you had asked him.

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