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Past Continuous Worksheets



Past Continuous Worksheet 1

Conjugate the verb in parentheses in the past continuous tense. In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well.

  1. What were you doing when he arrived?
  2. She was watching TV at two o'clock.
  3. They weren't sleeping at five o'clock.
  4. Peter was working when I telephoned.
  5. Tim was studying German while they were studying French.
  6. I wasn't paying attention during the presentation.
  7. Was Brian talking during the lesson?
  8. We weren't cooking when he walked in the door.
  9. Jason was playing the piano at three o'clock yesterday afternoon.
  10. When was Howard giving the presentation exactly?
  11. Andrea wasn't expecting you to arrive so early!
  12. What were you thinking when you said that?!
  13. Was she doing the housework when you telephoned?
  14. Carlos was drinking tea when I walked into the room.
  15. They were meeting with Smith and Co at exactly 2.35 pm.
  16. My cousin wasn't having a good time when I arrived.
  17. They were discussing the issue when she telephoned.
  18. Were they working in the garden when you arrived?
  19. She was sleeping so he entered the room softly.
  20. They weren't taking notes during the presentation, but paying attention to every word.

Past Continuous Worksheet 2

Choose the correct time expression used with the past continuous tense.

  1. What were you doing during the meeting?
  2. Tim was finishing the report at five o'clock.
  3. They were discussing the problem when I walked into the room.
  4. Jackson wasn't listening while he was explaining the situation.
  5. Was Alice paying attention during the presentation?
  6. They were having a quiet breakfast this morning when he arrived.
  7. What were they doing when that happened?
  8. Sheila was playing the piano while he was working on the computer.
  9. I was working at the computer at seven o'clock this morning.
  10. Alex wasn't playing golf this morning. He was working.
  11. What were they doing at four o'clock?
  12. She was working quietly when he opened the door.
  13. Peter wasn't doing the housework yesterday morning. He was working in the garden.
  14. Where were they sleeping when he got home last night?
  15. Jason was thinking about the problem when he asked for an answer.
  16. Our teacher was explaining math when he burst into the room with the news.
  17. Dilbert was working at the computer at four o'clock this morning!
  18. Were they listening as he asked the question?
  19. She wasn't working when he came into the office.
  20. They weren't thinking about that when they made the decision.
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