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Present Perfect Worksheets

Review and Exercises


Here is a quick review of the present perfect before you begin the worksheet:

Present Perfect Positive Form Review

Subject + have +  past participle + objects


Tom has lived in New York for ten years.
We have studied French since 2003.

Present Perfect Negative Form

Subject + have not + past participle + objects


She hasn't met Peter.
They haven't finished the job yet.

Present Perfect Question Form

(Question Word) + have + subject + past participle?


Has she worked her for a long time?
Where has she gone?

Important Note!

Regular past participles in '-ed', irregular past participles of verbs vary and must be studied.

Yet / Just / Already

'Yet' is used in the present perfect negative and question forms.
'Just' is used in the present perfect positive form.
'Already' is used in the present perfect positive form.


Have you finished the job yet?
She's just left for Chicago.
They've already eaten lunch.

Since / For

'Since' and 'for' are common time expressions used with the present perfect tense. 'Since' is used with specific dates. 'For' is used with periods of time.


Janet has worked at this company since 2997.
We've lived in this house for five years.

Present Perfect Worksheet 1

Conjugate the verb in parentheses using the form indicated. In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well.

  1. How long ______ (he / live) in New Jersey?
  2. Peter ______ (not play) baseball since 1987.
  3. I ______ (speak) Russian for twenty years.
  4. We _____ (not see) Tom since Christmas.
  5. ________ (Alan / fly) in an airplane before?
  6. Shannon _____ (not / go) to lunch yet.
  7. Our class _____ (take) a field trip three times this year.
  8. Where _____ (they / move) to?
  9. Jennifer _____ (ask) that question four times today.
  10. You _____ (not eat) lunch yet, have you?
  11. Jason _____ (want) to move to New York since he was five years old.
  12. How long _____ (they / know) Peter?
  13. Alexandra _____ (work) for IBM since 2002.
  14. Jeff _____ (buy) a few books this week.
  15. Sally ______ (not read) that book yet.
  16. _____ (they / leave) for work yet?
  17. Bill _____ (not / drive) very far today.
  18. We _____ (enjoy) eating seafood all of our lives.
  19. _____ (he / watch) the documentary yet?
  20. I _____ (not / finish) the job yet.

Present Perfect Worksheet 2

Choose the correct time expression used with the present perfect tense.

  1. They have lived in that house (since / for) ten years.
  2. She has (just / yet) gone to the bank.
  3. Franklin hasn't arrived in Boston (yet / already)
  4. We have worked at this company (since / for) 2008.
  5. Jason hasn't telephoned me (since / for) two weeks.
  6. How (long / much) have you known Susan?
  7. They've (already / yet) studied the past simple tense.
  8. Our mothers have (just / yet) left for the station.
  9. The President has traveled to more than twenty countries (since / for) he was elected.
  10. Thomas hasn't had time to read the book (just / yet).
  11. Alice has told me she's (yet / already) been to that park.
  12. My daughter's (just / since) finished her homework.
  13. Have they (already / yet) spoken to Mr. Peters?
  14. I've (just / for) interviewed the best candidate for the job.
  15. Our coach hasn't chosen the starting team (already / yet).
  16. Bob and Tim have (already / yet) decided where they are going on vacation.
  17. Have you purchased the new computer (just / yet)?
  18. Sam has wanted to go to Japan (for / since) he was a little child.
  19. Jason hasn't worked here (since / for) very long.
  20. Our boss has (just / yet) hired a new engineer.

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