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Present Simple Worksheets

Review and Exercises


The present simple takes the following forms:

Present Simple Positive Form Review

Subject + present simple form of verb + objects


Alison often watches TV after dinner.
They play golf on Saturdays.

Present Simple Negative Form

Subject + do / does not + verb + objects


Jack doesn't spend much time on reading.
They don't eat meat on Fridays.

Present Simple Question Form

(Question Word) + do / does + subject + verb?


What do you do after work?
How often do you eat out?

Important Notes!

The verb 'to be' does not take the auxiliary verb 'do' in the question or negative form.


She is a teacher.
I am from Seattle.
Are you married?

Time Expressions with Present Simple

Adverbs of Frequency

The following adverbs of frequency are often used with the present simple to express how often someone does something habitually. Remember that present simple is used to express daily routines and habits. These adverbs of frequency are listed from most frequent to least frequent. Adverbs of frequency are placed directly before the main verb.


Days of the Week and Times of the Day

Days of the week are often used with 's' to indicate that someone does something regularly on a specific day of the week. Times of the day are used to express when someone usually does something. Notice that 'at' is used with 'night', but 'in' with other periods during the day. Finally, 'at' is used with specific times during the day.


I play golf on Saturdays.
She gets up early in the morning.
Tom catches the bus at 7.30 a.m.

Present Simple Worksheet 1

Conjugate the verb in parentheses using the form indicated. In the case of questions, use the indicated subject as well.

  1. I usually _____ (get up) at six o'clock.
  2. How often _____ (she go) to the gym to workout?
  3. They _____ (be) from Holland.
  4. Jack _____ (not work) in the city.
  5. Where _____ (he live)?
  6. Alison _____ (visit) her friends on Saturdays.
  7. They _____ (not eat) meat on Fridays.
  8. _____ (you play) tennis?
  9. Susan often _____ (drive) to the beach when the weather is nice.
  10. Eric _____ (not read) in Japanese.
  11. When _____ (she have) dinner?
  12. I _____ (take) a shower before I leave for work.
  13. How _____ (you start) this machine?
  14. He _____ (not work) on Sundays.
  15. Sharon rarely _____ (watch) TV.
  16. We occasionally _____ (take) the train to Seattle.
  17. Peter _____ (not like) buying food in supermarkets.
  18. Why _____ (they leave) work so late on Fridays?
  19. You sometimes _____ (do) housework.
  20. _____ (she speak) Russian?

Present Simple Worksheet 2

Choose the correct time expression used with the present simple tense.

  1. I sleep in late on (Saturday / Saturdays).
  2. How (much / often) do you visit your friends in Chicago?
  3. Jennifer doesn't catch the bus (in / at) 8 in the morning.
  4. Henry enjoys playing golf (in / at) the afternoon.
  5. Do they eat fish (in / on) Fridays?
  6. I usually have my meetings (on / at) 10 am.
  7. Susan doesn't like going out (at / on) Fridays.
  8. Our class (usually / usual) takes tests on Tuesdays.
  9. They teacher gives us notes (after / while) class.
  10. Sharon doesn't go to be before 11 pm (in / at) night.
  11. Where do they usually hold meetings (at / in) the morning?
  12. Tom (rare / rarely) gets up early on Sundays.
  13. We don't enjoy eating breakfast before six (at / in) the morning.
  14. Our parents (occasion / occasionally) catch a train to the city.
  15. She doesn't use a computer (at / in) night.
  16. Alexander has lunch (on / at) noon.
  17. David doesn't work (at / on) Tuesdays.
  18. They listen to classical music (in / at) the afternoon.
  19. Mary answers her e-mail on (Friday / Fridays).
  20. How often do you travel (in / on) Tuesdays?

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