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Everyday Expressions - Advanced Level Quiz


Complete the sentences with the correct expression. You may need to change the verb tense. Each expression is used only once. Answers are on the following page.

It's none of your business
Been there, done that!
sleep in
not to go there
my sympathies
I can't stand
Tell me about it!
pissed off
pay compliments
dining out
Talk about real problems!
break into
run out of
draw the line

  1. I love ___________ ! Buying and preparing a variety of foods for just two people usually ends up being more expensive than going to a casual restaurant. Besides that, peeling and chopping vegetables, and doing the dishes is quite a ___________!
  2. ___________ it when I am on the phone and someone listens into my conversation. Actually, this is nobody's fault, because sometimes you just can't help overhearing a phone conversation when you're in the same room as the person who's on the phone.
  3. I couldn't believe it when the saleswoman asked me how much I made! I should have told her: "___________!" After all, she has nothing to do with my personal life. That's invasion of privacy! I was just being polite and talking to her while I tried on my new pants. Some people just don't know where to ___________.
  4. There's a lady who lives in the same gated community where I live. She keeps complaining about not having money to buy herself the latest Armani collection. She gets really depressed about it. On the other hand, I know a lady whose husband died after struggling for months with severe heart problems. ___________! By the way, when I stopped by this widow's house to extend ___________, she felt so miserable she told me she hadn't eaten for two days already!
  5. I studied with Arnold Schwarzenegger's oldest daughter; but I'm not going to brag about her being my friend. We weren't friends, we were just ___________.
  6. Macy's is a department store in New York where you can find great men's and women's ___________. Everything is fashionable and you are bound to look fancy if you get dressed with clothes bought there.
  7. I gain weight because I eat a lot during regular meal times. Unlike many people, I don't ___________ between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  8. Bia was telling me about how much money she had spent with her kids' school material. Since I also have two kids as old as hers and attending the same school, I told her: "___________!", because I had bought materials for my kids just the day before!
  9. I make sure never to ___________ chocolate powder at home, because I hate coffee and I'll spend the whole day in a bad mood if I don't have my hot chocolate for breakfast.
  10. Some people in the Denver office branch were talking about how violent some South American cities were becoming. Since I live in Rio de Janeiro, I told them "___________!"
  11. Men in love ___________ to their girlfriends or wives. But some men's styles are different, so even if they are in love, they don't pay compliments. It's very ___________ of those who do so, even after many years of marriage!
  12. The robber ___________ my car and stole the stereo.
  13. I get ___________ when I see someone disrespecting an elderly person!
  14. I was supposed to wake up at 7a.m., but I ___________ and woke up only at 8:30a.m.!
  15. You'd better not complain now! I told you ___________!


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