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Idiom Quiz - English Animal Idioms


Try this challenging common English idioms quiz featuring animals. Match a line in group A with a line in group B to find the idiom. Next, match the resulting idiom with the definition in group C. Make sure to write your answers down and then go to the answer page to see how you have done.

Good luck!

English Idioms: Body

Group A

to bark up
to buy a pig
to be
to cry
to be
to be
to get someone's
to get on
to hold
to horse
to be in
to let the cat
to live high
to look a gift
to make a mountain
to put the cart
to smell
to take the bull

Group B

an eager beaver
your horses
in a poke
off the hog
out of the bag
a dark horse
by the horns
out of a molehill
a cash cow
a rat
the wrong tree
the doghouse
horse in the mouth
your high horse
before the horse

Group C

buy something without knowing if it will be satisfactory
play around in a physical way
have the best of everything
make something that is unimportant seem important
be a candidate little known to the public
be in trouble or disfavor with someone
behave with arrogance
wait, be patient
annoy someone
be a good, and often easy, way to make money
choose the wrong way of doing something
take decisive action
be a person who is always happy to work or do something extra
tell something that is supposed to be a secret
warn of a danger that is not there
do things in the wrong order
be suspicious or somone or something
complain if a gift is not perfect

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