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Verb + Preposition Combinations


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Verbs + From

The following verbs are commonly used with 'from'. Each verb + from combination includes an example sentence to provide context.

bar someone from (doing) something - Jack has barred Jennifer from visiting his daughter.
bar someone from a place - The police barred Peter from the shopping mall.
benefit from (doing) something - Students benefit from listening to news reports on the radio.
derive something from something - He derived the meaning from the context of the sentence.
deter someone from (doing) something - Please deter your children from walking across busy avenues.
differ from something - Our cheese differs from our competitor's cheese because of its superior quality.
distinguish one thing from another thing - I'm afraid he can't distinguish a British accent from a Irish accent.
distract someone from something - Please distract Tim from the television.
exempt someone from (doing) something - The judge exempted the young man from doing extra community service.
expel someone from a place - The children were expelled form school for their bad behavior.
refrain from (doing) something - Nancy refrains from smoking at work.
resign from (doing) something - Jacques resigned from his position.
result from (doing) something - The unrest results from our politicians lack of seriousness about the situation.
stem from (doing) something - The poor results stem from his lack of experience.
suffer from (doing) something - He will suffer from studying too little.

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