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Countries, Nationalities and Languages in English


This chart shows the Country, Language and Nationality of many major countries from around the world. Countries and Languages are both nouns.

For Example Countries:

Tom lives in England.
Mary travelled to Japan last year.

For Example Languages:

English is spoken around the world.
Mark speaks fluent Russian.

Nationalities are adjectives used to describe where a person, type of food, etc. is from.

For Example:

He enjoys Chinese food.
Hans is German.

Click on the link below to hear the correct pronunciation of each group of nationalities. Each group of words are repeated twice.

Important Notes

  • All country names are unique. They are not similar to language or nationality names.
  • Language and nationality names are often, but not always similar. For example: French - the language, and French the nationality are the same in the case of France.. However, English - the language, and American - the nationality are not the same in the case of The United States.
  • All countries, languages and nationalities are always capitalized in English. This is because country, language and nationality names are proper names of countries, languages and nationalities.

Pronunciation Files for the Chart

One Syllable
Ends in 'ish'
Ends in 'ish'
Ends in 'ian' or 'ean'

Pronunciation Chart

Pronunciation File Country Language Nationality
One syllable
France French French
Greece Greek Greek
ends in '-ish'
Britain English British
Denmark Danish Danish
Finland Finnish Finnish
Poland Polish Polish
Spain Spanish Spanish
Sweden Swedish Swedish
Turkey Turkish Turkish
ends in '-an'
Germany German German
Mexico Spanish Mexican
The United States English American
ends in '-ian' or '-ean'
Australia English Australian
Brazil Portuguese Brazilian
Egypt Arabic Egyptian
Italy Italian Italian
Hungary Hungarian Hungarian
Korea Korean Korean
Russia Russian Russian
ends in '-ese'
China Chinese Chinese
Japan Japanese Japanese
Portugal Portuguese Portuguese

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