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Bilingual Education

Bilingual education issues and resources. Information and articles discussing all aspects of the bilingual education question including the pros and cons.

Curso Básico de Inglés
Curso Básico de Inglés para Hablantes de Español incluido el seguimiento de pruebas de comprensión

Inglés Before You Know It
Review of Inglés Before You Know It by Transparent Language. This program is based around flash cards and is excellent for Spanish speakers wanting to learn key phrases in a number of standard English speaking situations.

EnglishNow! for Spanish Speakers
Review of EnglishNow! para hablantes de español. This program focuses on providing grammar in context. All explanations in Spanish.

Bilingual Education: Book Recommendations
Bilingual educational book recommendations from Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe.

Bilingual Parenting
This site provides support for families where one or both parents are speaking a foreign language (not their native language) to their children in an effort to raise them bilingually.

CABE - California Association for Bilingual Education
CABE's homepage, including mission statement, bilingual resources, chat and information on bilingual education in California.

Center For Multilingual, Multicultural Research
CMMR at USC provides a variety of resources for Bilingual/ESL, Asian-American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, African-American, Professional Development, and Technology in Education.

Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion
A state by state directory of two-way bilingual immersion courses in the U.S.. An excellent resource provided by CAL

Enlaces bilingües para niños y maestros
Excellent link resource page for Spanish/English bilingual children and teachers.

ESL Cafe's Discussion Center: Bilingual Education
Excellent Bulletin Board at Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe focussing on all aspects of bilingual education, from raising a child bilingually to the pros and cons of bilingual education.

Issues in US Language Policy: Bilingual Education
A presentation forum discussing bilingual education issues, emphazising an anti-bilingual education status. Presented by James Crawford.

National Association for Bilingual Education
Association of Bilingual Education educators a non-profit national membership organization founded in 1975 to address the educational needs of language-minority students in the U.S. and to advance the language competencies and multicultural understanding of all Americans.

Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs
OBEMLA is a US federal program which helps school districts meet their responsibility to provide equal education opportunity to limited English proficient children.

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