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Getting a Driver's License at the DMV


A trip to the DMV to get a driver's license means you'll have to fill out a form. Sometimes, you'll have to fill out the form yourself. Other times, you'll answer questions with someone who helps you fill out the form. This dialogue will help you practice filling out forms with another person by asking and answering questions about personal information such as date of birth, address, etc. Getting a driver's license means you'll need to know important vocabulary used in driver's education. Practice the following dialogue with a friend or classmate.

Customer Service Representative: How may I help you today?
Mr. Anderson: I'd like to apply for a driver's license.

Customer Service Representative: Fine. Can you fill in this form, please.
Mr. Anderson: Certainly.

Mr. Anderson: Peter can you help me with this form?
Peter: Sure, what's your last name?
Mr. Anderson: Anderson.

Peter: Could you spell that please?
Mr. Anderson: Certainly, A - N - D - E - R - S - O - N.

Peter: What's your first name?
Mr. Anderson: You know that! It's Jack.

Customer Service Representative: Are you married?
Mr. Anderson: No, I'm single.

Peter: OK. Now, what's your address?
Mr. Anderson: It's 2926 NW 2nd Ave.

Customer Service Representative: and what's your zipcode?
Mr. Anderson: 87665

Peter: Right. Are you an American citizen?
Mr. Anderson: Good question. Yes, I am.

Peter: ... and what's your date of birth?
Mr. Anderson: I was born on 19th April 1961

Peter: Ha, ha! You certainly don't look your age! You look older!
Mr. Anderson: Very funny, Peter. Let's continue, ok?

Peter: Yes, OK, Are you disabled?
Mr. Anderson: Well, my legs sometimes hurt, but I'm not disabled. How many more questions are there?

Peter: Just a few. Do you wear glasses?
Mr. Anderson: Yes, I need glasses to drive.

Peter: OK, last question. Do you currently have a driver's license?
Mr. Anderson: Yes, I do.

Peter: Where's it from?
Mr. Anderson: It's from California.

Peter: Fine. Right. Here you go, your form is filled out.
Mr. Anderson: Thanks for your help Peter.

Mr. Anderson: Here's my completed form.
Customer Service Representative: Thank you, please take this completed form to the cashier with your payment of $75.

Mr. Anderson: Certainly. What happens next?
Customer Service Representative: The cashier will help you with the next steps.

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