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Costs - Business English Vocabulary Exercise


These two vocabulary quizzes focus on various areas of essential Business English vocabulary. The first quiz concerns various costs that are involved in running a business. Use the words listed below and decide which type of cost fits the definition. Once you have chosen your answers, go to the next page to see if you have answered correctly.

  • fixed
  • variable
  • labor
  • advertising
  • distribution
  • storage
  • manufacturing operating

  • Worker and staff employment costs _____ costs
  • Total costs for production of all products _____ costs
  • Day to day cost of running a business _____ costs
  • Non-changing costs such as rent, lighting, heating, etc. _____ costs
  • Changing costs of employment, raw materials, etc. based on rate of production _____ costs
  • Costs related to encouraging consumers to buy a product _____ costs
  • Costs related to keeping goods in warehouses or other locations _____ costs
  • Costs related to delivering goods to points of sale _____ costs

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