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Bookkeeping and Financial Vocabulary

Key Phrases and Vocabulary for English for Specific Purposes Classes


This core vocabulary reference sheet provides key words and phrases for bookkeeping and financial documents. This vocabulary can be used in English for specific purposes classes as a starting point to help students striving to become bookkeepers or related professions in the financial industry. Teachers are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific trade sectors. For this reason, core vocabulary sheets go a long way in helping teachers provide adequate materials for students with English for Specific Purposes needs.

accelerated depreciation
account book
accounting - book-keeping
accounting criteria - accounting standards
accounts payable
accrued liability - accrued expense
accrued revenue - accrued income
actual cost
added value
administrative expenses
affiliated company
allocation of the dividend
amortization - depreciation
to amortize - to depreciate
annual general meeting (AGM)
to approve a balance
articles of association
assets and liabilities
assets side
assets value
associated companies
auditing - audit
auditors' certificate
balance-sheet analysis
balance-sheet consolidation
balance-sheet items
balance-sheet ratios
balance sheet
board of directors
Book Keeping loss
book profit
book value
break-up value
break even point (BEP)
industrial and commercial equipment
intangible assets
interests earned
interests paid
inventories - stock
inventory accounting - stock accounting
inventory book
inventory records - stock records
inventory turnover index
inventory value
invoicing - billing
land and buildings
legal reserve
liabilities side
limited liability company
limited partner - sleeping partner
limited partnership
liquid assets
long-term financing
loss on credits
major shareholder
majority interest
majority shareholder
to make a list of inventory
to manage a company
management buy-out
memorandum of association
minority interest
minutes of a meeting
net assets
net margin
net profit
non-taxable income
on first call
one-man business
buildings tax
business consultant - expert in commercial law
to call a general meeting
capital goods
capital increase
capital loss
to capitalize
cash cow product
cash flow
chairman of the board of directors
chart of accounts
clean factoring
closing balance
closing stock
company - firm
company merger
company profitability
consolidated statement
controlling company
corporate books
corporate purpose
corporate tax
cost centre
cost of goods sold
costs and revenues
to credit an amount
credit column - credit side
credit note
current assets - floating assets
day book - journal book
debit and credit
debit column - debit side
debit note
deed of association - company statute
deferred expense - deferred charge
deferred income - deferred revenue
opening balance sheet
opening stock - opening inventory
operating loss
operating profit
ordinary partnership
outstanding credits
overhead costs - overheads
owner's equity
partner - shareholder
periodical report
personnel costs
plant and equipment
plant and machinery
post a contra-entry
pre-tax profit
production costs
production value
professional accountant
profit and loss account (GB) - income statement (US)
profit distribution
provision for doubtful accounts
proxy vote
to put into liquidation
to quote a company
raw materials inventories
real estate
registered office
reserve fund - reserve
return on investment (ROI)
revenue - earnings - incomes
revenue tax
revenues and expenses
rounding down
rounding up
running costs - operating costs
deferred tax
depreciable assets
depreciation allowance - capital allowance
depreciation fund - amortization fund
double entry
entry date
equity tax
expenditure - outflow - expense
expense centre
expense receipt
extraordinary meeting
false accounting
false factoring
to fill in a VAT return
final balance
financial leasing
financial management
financial resources
financial statement
financing - funds
finished products inventories
fiscal year - financial year
fixed assets (GB) - capital assets (US)
fixed costs
fully paid-up capital
general accounting
general partner
general partnership - ordinary partnership
goodwill expenses - start-up costs
gross margin
gross operating margin
gross operating profit
gross profit
in the black
income tax
industrial accounting cost
semifinished goods inventories
to set up a company
share capital (GB) - capital stock (US)
shareholders' calling
shareholders' meeting
shareholders register
stamp duty
state-controlled enterprise
statement of account - account statement
statutory balance
stocks and work in progress (GB) - inventories (US)
subscribed capital - underwritten capital
subsidiary company - controlled company
substitutive tax
tax accounting
tax assessment
tax audit - tax inspection
tax base
tax credit
tax exemption - tax allowance
tax payer
tax rate
tax register
tax return - income tax return
tax revenue
taxable value - assessment
taxes and dues
temporary balance
total current assets
trial balance
value added tax (VAT)
variable costs
VAT return - VAT declaration
to veto withholding tax
year-end inventory

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