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Human Resources

Key Vocabulary and Phrases


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This core vocabulary reference sheet provides key words and phrases for human resources and personnel departments. This vocabulary can be used in English for specific purposes classes as a starting point for including vocabulary study relating to anything related to working in human resources. Teachers are often not equipped with the exact English terminology required in very specific trade sectors. For this reason, core vocabulary sheets go a long way in helping teachers provide adequate materials for students with English for Specific Purposes needs.

absenteeism rate
accident at work - industrial injury
applicant - candidate
application form
to apply for a job
to appoint a person
aptitude test
to ask for a rise
assessment of applicants
back pay
bargaining power
basic salary
to be dismissed - to be fired
to be laid off
to be on probation - to be on trial
to be on strike
to be out of work
business hours - office hours
Christmas bonus
clerical work - office work
company bargaining - company negotiation
compensation for permanent disability
concealed work - moonlighting
contractual situation
cost of living allowance
day shift
direct labour
disability pension
disciplinary measure - disciplinary sanction
to dismiss - to fire
overtime pay
overtime work
part-time job
partial disability
pay formula - retribution diagram
pay increase for merit
payroll - payroll ledger
pension fund
period of notice
permanent disability
permanent job - steady job
permanent staff
personnel - staff
personnel department
personnel requirements
production bonus
professional qualifications
professional training
public holiday (GB) - national holiday (US)
purchasing manager
redundancy payment
refresher course
relationship management
resign (chairman) - to give notice (employee)
resignation (chairman) - notice (employee)
to retire
dismissal for cause
dismissal without notice
early retirement
employment agency
employment card - working papers
employment contract - labour contract
employment for a trial period
employment office
employment rate
executive cadres
executive personnel
exit permit
experienced person
family allowances
to fill a vacancy
full-time employment
full employment
full time
general strike
to go on strike
gross wages and salaries
have an accident at work
health care
higher education - advanced education
to hold a position
holiday (GB) - vacation (US)
human relations - human relationships
independent unions
index-linked wages
indirect labour
industrial relations (GB) - labor relations (US)
industrial tribunal - labour court
retirement age
right to strike
to risk indemnity
role clash
salaried workers - employees
salary range - wage band
seasonal employment
seasonal workers
secondary job
to secure employment
to select candidates
senior clerk - senior employee
severance pay - dismissal pay
short-term employment
sick leave
skilled labour
skilled work
skilled workers
social costs
social insurance - national insurance
social security
sole director
staff costs - personnel costs
to strike
to take measures
to take one's holidays
temporary disability
temporary staff
the job is still vacant
top manager
total disability
trade-union (GB) - labor union (US)
internal regulations
to interview
irregular work - discontinuous work
job - employment
job application
job description
job evaluation
job satisfaction
job security
job sharing
junior clerk - junior employee
labor costs
labor disputes
labor force - manpower
labor market
labor mobility
labor relations - trade-union relations
labor retraining
labor supply
learning by doing - learning by practice
letter of appointment
management training
managing director
middle management
minimum rate of pay
night shift
occupation - employment
office hours
office manager
office staff - office personnel
on the job training
to train
training period
trial period
under contract
unemployment benefits
union dues - union subscription
union officer - trade unionist
unjustified dismissal
unpaid leave
unskilled labour
unskilled worker
vacancy - vacant position
wage-cost spiral
wage-earning workers
wage-packet (GB) - pay envelope (US)
wage bargaining - pay negotiations
wage ceiling
wage claims
wage dynamics
wage freeze
wage indexation scale
wage pressures
welfare contributions
to work at home
work overtime
work sheet
worker - blue-collar worker
working day
working hour

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