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Business English - Deliveries and Suppliers


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Deliveries and Suppliers

Susan: Doug, can I talk with you for a moment?
Doug: What can I do for you Susan?

Susan: I'm concerned about the delays we're experiencing with some of our suppliers.
Doug: We're doing everything to get back on schedule.

Susan: Could you give me an approximate timeline?
Doug: A number of deliveries are arriving tomorrow. Unfortunately, this time of year is often troublesome.

Susan: That's not good. We can't make excuses to our clients. Are all shipments affected?
Doug: No, but it is summer and some companies are cutting back until September.

Susan: Where are most of our suppliers located?
Doug: Well, most of them are in China, but there are a few in California.

Susan: How does that affect deliveries?
Doug: Well, there are weather delays and shipment delays due to reduced production. Sometimes, larger packages are delayed because of a bottleneck at the distribution point.

Susan: Is there any way around these delays?
Doug: Well, we often work with delivery services such as UPS, Fed ex or DHL for our most urgent shipping. They guarantee door-to-door deliveries within 48 hours.

Susan: Are they expensive?
Doug: Yes, they're very expensive at that cuts into our bottom line.

Key Vocabulary

to get back on schedule
to cut back
to make excuses
increased / reduced production
distribution point
bottom line
to cut into

Check your understanding with this multiple choice comprehension quiz.

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