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Financial Profile

Ubix Computers Financial Profile


Ubix computers is a publicly traded corporation actively traded on the NASDAQ. The company was launched in 1999 with an IPO raising $70 million. Shareholders own more than 80% of the company while upper level management and employee stock options own the remaining 20%. Ubix is located in Denver, Colorado with manufacturing plants in Taiwan and Indonesia. The total cash flow during 2000 was $365 million. While total operating expenses for the past fiscal year totaled $180 million resulting in a pre-tax profit of $175 million. Ubix Computers market share in the US domestic market has grown from 2% to 5% during the past 18 months. Future plans include the development of a line of laptop computers to export to the Chinese Market. CEO, Robin Lancaster, was optimistic in his vision of the future. While other computer manufactures are loosing market share, we are increasing our market share at over 100% annually. Ubix offers consumers computers that are made to meet their specific requirements, while pricing these computers at mass market prices. This unique combination ensures Ubix will be a major market player in the near future.

Check Your Understanding

  • Which market is Ubix traded on?


  • How much money did the IPO raise?


  • Who owns 80% of stock?


  • Where are Ubix manufacturing plants located?


  • How much has market share grown over the past 18 months?


  • How much did Ubix spend on operating expenses?


  • Which market is Ubix trying to enter with its new line of laptop models?


  • What prediction is made about Ubix in the future?


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