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Key Phrases for Making a Business Presentation


This outline provides a guide to giving a business presentation in English. Each section begins with the presentation section concerned, then the language formulas appropriate to giving a presentation. Finally, each section has important points to keep in mind during the presentation.

Opening Statements

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming here today.
My name is X and I am the (your position) at (your company).

Points to Remember

Try to make eye contact with everyone you are speaking to if possible. You can also smile at individual members of the audience to put them at their ease.

I'd briefly like to take you through today's presentation.
First, we're going to ...
After that, we'll be taking a look at ...
Once we've identified our challenges we will be able to ...
Finally, I'll outline what ...

Points to Remember

Make sure to indicate each point on your presentation as you introduce each topic. This can be done with a slide (Power Point) presentation, or by pointing to each point on the display device you are using.

Asking for Questions

Please feel free to interrupt me with any questions you may have during the presentation.
I'd like to ask you to keep any questions you may have for the end of the presentation.

Points to Remember

You can also request the participants to leave questions to the end of the presentation. However, it is important to let participants know that you are willing to answer any questions they may have.

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