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Have or Get? - 2


In general, we use the verb "have" with things we possess and the verb "get" meaning "to receive something". However, there are many different words that combine with "have or get" to make common expressions including collocations and phrasal verbs. Here are some of the most common "have or get" combinations.

Decide between "have" or "get". Make sure to carefully decide which form of the verb is required as sometimes the verb needs to be conjugated or put in the infinitive or gerund form.

  1. Bowling looks like a lot of fun. Why don't we _____ a try?
  2. Monique _____ a baby last night. It's a beautiful baby boy.
  3. When you go into the city make sure you don't _____ into trouble.
  4. Jane and Alexander are _____ another one of their arguments this week.
  5. I'm afraid I won't _____ home until late tonight.
  6. Have you seen David? I'm beginning _____ worried.
  7. They weren't very happy together so they _____ divorced after only a year together.
  8. I would recommend you _____ a long think about what you want to do.
  9. Jack _____ drunk and needed a lift home.
  10. That restaurant _____ five stars in the latest Michelin guide.

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