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Best Friend - Friend from Hell


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Best Friend - Friend from Hell

The following exercise focuses on what students like best - least about friends. The exercise allows students to practice a number of areas: expressing opinions, comparatives and superlatives, descriptive adjectives and reported speech. The overall concept of the lesson can easily be transferred to other subject areas such as: holiday choices, choosing a school, perspective careers, etc.

Aim: Practice expressing opinions, reported speech

Activity: Choosing which qualities would make a best friend and which qualities would make an undesirable friend

Level:Pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate


  • Help students activate vocabulary by asking them for descriptive adjectives describing good friends and bad friends.
  • Distribute worksheet to students and ask them to put the descriptive adjectives/phrases into the two categories (Best Friend - Undesirable Friend).
  • Put students into pairs and ask them to give explanations for why they have chosen to put the various descriptions into one or the other of the categories.
  • Ask students to pay careful attention to what their partner says and take notes, as they will be expected to report back to a new partner.
  • Put students into new pairs and ask them to tell their new partner what their first partner has said.
  • As a class, ask students about any surprises or differences of opinion they encountered during the discussions.
  • Extend the lesson by a follow-up discussion on what makes a good friend.
Friends Step 1: Put the following adjectives/phrases into one of the two categories: Best Friend or Undesirable Friend

confident in his/her abilities
handsome or beautiful
punctual intelligent
rich or well off
artistic abilities
inquisitive mind
possess athletic abilities
free spirit
speaks English well
interested in the same things
interested in different things
from the same social background
from different social background
loves to tell stories
rather reserved
plans for the future
happy with what he/she has

Best Friend / Undesirable Friend

Step 2: Take notes on the preferences of your partner

Best Friend / Undesirable Friend

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