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Top 4 Vocabulary Building Books


As you improve your English skills and your grammar understanding advances, you will discover that building your vocabulary is the key to becoming an excellent speaker of English. These books will help you improve your vocabulary. A strong vocabulary not only helps you express your ideas, but helps you impress people around you with your understanding of the language.

1. Words for Students of English

Series of 6 books ranging from beginner to advanced. This series has been designed specifically for ESL students and provides useful tools such as a word chart that gives all the forms of each base word studied. Each word is defined with examples provided and followed with exercises.
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2. 1000 Most Important Words

Unlike my 1000 word list, this list is designed for advanced level speakers and those who speak English as their native language. The book focuses on 1000 words that will build and improve your vocabulary. The book is very entertaining, as well as being informing.
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3. Vocabulary for Dummies

From the famous 'for Dummies' series, this vocabulary guide provides a strong vocabulary guide for English learners and speakers. Clear, simple instructions as well as a simple, humors style makes this vocabulary book an excellent resource for upper level English as a Second Language students.
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4. How to Build a Better Vocabulary

This book was written with native English speakers in mind, and as such should be used by upper level English learners. It includes helpful techniques to improve vocabulary learning skills as well as resources dedicated to helping you learn the history of words.
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