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Top 4 Business English Reference


Business English requires specific language usage and an understanding of English speaking cultures and practices. These books provide guidelines to English phrases, writing technique and standard business expectations for English for Specific Purposes learners.

1. Business Grammar, Style & Usage

Although this book was not written specifically for English learners, it provides easy-to-follow instructions and techniques for written documents and writing and speaking in an English speaking business world. The basics of writing and speaking, including traditional grammar and speaking dos and don'ts, are also included.
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2. Business English at Work

Written in a conversational tone, this 18-chapter, 4-color text takes a totally new learning approach to relating business English to the world of work. Telecommunications, customer service, online references, and a host of other real-world topics connect directly to activities and exercises in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, word division, and sentence writing/revising.
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3. Let's Speak Business English

Practical business English for telephone protocol, sales, business meetings, travel, and social etiquette are discussed. Advanced topics include financial reports, investments, and the Internet.
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4. Barron's ESL Guide to American Business English

Barron's ESL Guide to American Business English focuses on American business practices. As an advanced level book, students need a strong grasp of basic skills. The book includes eighty different documents covering a wide range of correspondence with concise instructions.
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