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English for Medical Purposes - Dental Check-up


Dental Check-up Sam: Hello, Doctor.
Dr. Peterson: Good morning, Sam. How are you doing today?

Sam: I'm OK. I've been having some gum pain recently.
Dr. Peterson: Well, we'll take a look. Please recline and open your mouth.... that's good.

Sam:(after being examined) How does it look?
Dr. Peterson: Well, there is some inflammation of the gums. I think we should also do a new set of S-rays.

Sam: Why do you say that? Is something wrong?
Dr. Peterson: No, no, it's just standard procedure every year. It looks like you may have a few cavities as well.

Sam: That's not good news .... hmmm
Dr. Peterson: There are just two and they look superficial.

Sam: I hope so.
Dr. Peterson: We need to take X-rays to identify tooth decay, as well as check for decay between the teeth.

Sam: I see.
Dr. Peterson: Here, put on this protective apron.

Sam: OK.
Dr. Peterson: (after taking the X-rays) Things look good. I don't see any evidence of further decay.

Sam: That's good news!
Dr. Peterson: Yes, I'll just get these two fillings drilled and taken care of and then we'll get your teeth cleaned.

Key Vocabulary

gum pain
to recline
open your mouth
set of X-rays
standard procedure
to identify
tooth decay
protective apron
evidence of further decay
to drill
to take care of
to get your teeth cleaned

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