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One of the best ways to learn English is to network with others who are also learning and teaching English.

The Forum at esl.about.com provides an excellent source for information about learning and teaching English including information about vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, as well as teaching.

To start off with, here is an excellent example of a question and response about detailed vocabulary usage:

Bodor writes:

Hi everybody,

there are many words which refer to travel :






I'd like to know when to use the correct word at the right place. I mean when to use one of these words instead of others.

I also would like to know which verb goes with each word. for example we say : flight by airplane

And skiman651 provides this excellent answer:

Can be used to refer to travel, but more often than not tends to be used more figuratively e.g. "my journey through life's ups and downs"

Often refers to going somewhere more long distance e.g. "we are going on a trip overseas" or "we are going on a road trip to Scotland" but can also mean something shorter e.g. "day trip" or "day trippers" (think of the Beatles song!)

Normally refers to going over water by any means e.g "crossing the Atlantic by plane", or "crossing the Channel by ferry". Note that one wouldn't normally say "crossing the Channel by tunnel" as one would be going under the water :)

Typically only used if one is going by ship, also the French "bon voyage" is also used with the same meaning in English to mean "have a good trip"

Typically a special trip somewhere e.g. "a family outing".

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