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Preposiciones de Lugar



Use 'in' con espacios:

  • in a room / in a building
  • in a garden / in a park

Use 'in' con cuerpos de agua:

  • in the water
  • in the sea
  • in a river

Use 'in' con líneas:

  • in a row / in a line
  • in a queue


Use 'at' con lugares:

  • at the bus-stop
  • at the door
  • at the cinema
  • at the end of the street


Use 'on' con superficies:

  • on the ceiling / on the wall / on the floor
  • on the table

Use 'on' con islas pequeñas:

  • I stayed on Maui.

Use 'on' con direcciones:

  • on the left
  • on the right
  • straight on


Use 'to' con movimientos de un lugar a otro:

  • I went to school.
  • Did you go to work?
  • Let's go to the shopping mall.

NO use 'to' con 'home'.

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