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Presente Continuo


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  • Use el 'present continuous' para hablar sobre lo que está sucediendo en un momento presente del tiempo.

    Forma Positiva

    Sujeto + to be + verbo + ing + Objeto(s)


    He is watching TV.
    They're playing tennis at the moment.

    Forma Negativa

    Sujeto + be not + verbo + ing + Objeto(s)


    She isn't studying at the moment.
    We aren't working now.

    Forma Interrogativa

    Wh? + do + Sujeto + verbo + ing + Objeto(s) ?


    What are you doing?
    Are you cooking dinner now?

    NOTA: Nosotros usamos expresiones temporales como 'at the moment, currently, this week - month' con esta forma del 'present continuous'.

    Pruebe su conocimiento con esta breve prueba.

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