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Presente Simple


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  • Use el 'present simple' para hablar sobre actividades o rutinas que toman lugar de forma regular.

    Forma Positiva Sentences Sujeto + verbo conjugado + Objeto(s)

    I / You drive to work every day.

    She / He / It drives to work every day.

    You / We / They drive to work every day.

    Forma Negativa Sentences

    Sujeto + do not + Verbo + Objeto(s)

    I / You don't (do not) use a computer every day.

    She / He / It doesn't ( does not) use a computer at work. It

    You / We / They don't (do not) use a typewriter at work.

    Forma Interrogativa

    Wh? + do + Sujeto + Verbo ?

    When do I / you arrive at work?

    What does he / she / it use at work?

    Where do we / you / they keep the paper?

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