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Pronombres en Inglés


Existen cuatro tipos de pronombres: Pronombre de Sujeto, Pronombre de Objeto, Pronombre Posesivos y Pronombres Demostrativos. A continuación hay una lista y explicaciones mostrando los diferentes tipos de pronombres:

  • Los Pronombres de Sujeto - 'I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they' - funcionan como el sujeto de la oración:

    I live in New York.
    Do you like playing tennis?
    He doesn't want to come this evening.
    She works in London.
    It won't be easy.
    We are studying pronouns at the moment.
    You went to Paris last year, didn't you?
    They bought a new car last month.

  • Los Pronombres de Objeto - 'me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them' sirven como el objeto de un verbo.

    Give me the book.
    He told you to come tonight.
    She asked him to help.
    They visited her when they came to New York.
    She bought it at the store.
    He picked us up at the airport.
    The teacher asked you to finish your homework.
    I invited them to a party.

  • Los Pronombres Posesivos - 'mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, yours, theirs' muestran que algo pertenece a alguien.

    That house is mine.
    This is yours.
    I'm sorry, that's his.
    Those books are hers.
    Those students are ours.
    Look over there, those seats are yours.
    Theirs will be green.

  • Los Pronombres Demostrativos - 'this, that, these, those' hacen referencia a cosas. 'this' y 'these' hacer referencia a algo que está cerca . 'that' y 'those' hacen referencia a cosas que están alejadas.

    This is my house.
    That is our car over there.
    These are my colleagues in this room.
    Those are beautiful flowers in the next field.

  • Los Adjetivos Posesivos - 'my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their' son usualmente confundidos con los pronombres posesivos. Los adjetivos posesivos modifican el nombre que los sigue para mostrar posesión.

    I'll get my books.
    Is that your car over there?
    That is his teacher, Mr Jones.
    I want to go to her store.
    Its color is red.
    Can we bring our children?
    You are welcome to invite your husbands.

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